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        ? ? ? ?江門市悅泉電器有限公司成立于1993年,公司位于享有中國“華僑之鄉”之稱的廣東省江門市,是一家長期專業致力于LED戶外照明的研發、生產、銷售、工程、服務為一體的綜合性的企業,注冊資金1000萬元,屬于廣東省高新技術企業。
        ? ? ? ?悅泉是一家國內領先的太陽能LED應用產品與方案供應商,經過多年的研發歷程,已經成功開發照明產品達100多種,產品包括太陽能路燈,太陽能庭院燈,LED路燈,投光燈,工礦燈等,產品廣泛應用與道路照明、建筑照明、景觀照明等,可以為客戶需求量身設計定做,并提供OEM、ODM。公司通過6S管理和ISO9001:2008質量管理體系,并嚴格按照執行。產品先后通過了CE、ROHS、CQC和國際標準產品等檢測認證,并擁有多項專利證書。
        ? ? ? ?現我司緊跟全球節能環保的步伐,在國內以生產及開發“新農村建設”的太陽能路燈產品為主,打造更多的節能減排,高效綠色的照明產品。在國外,我司憑借這在LED領域的專業水平和成熟技術,并吸收國內外先進技術的基礎上,贏得了多個國家政府的青睞,并簽訂了“全國路燈更換計劃”戰略合作協議。悅泉照明在為全球傳遞光明。悅泉,綠色生活之源!


        悅泉YRTRUN ,杰立J&L

        Jiangmen Yetrun Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993 and is located in the “hometown of Chinese Overseas”- Jiangmen City,Guangdong province.YETRUN is engaged in outdoor LED lighting appliance innovation, manufacturing, sale and project service. YETRUN has 10 million of registered capital and belongs to national high-tech enterprises.
        YETRUN is a leading supplier with Solar LED application and design scheme.After years of research and development,company?has successfully developed lighting products more than 100, products include solar street lights, solar garden light, LED street lamp, flood light, high bay light, etc. Products are widely used in street?lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, etc.

        We?can design customized for the needs of customers, and provide OEMor ODM.Our company?adopts 6S management and ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and strictly strict enforcement of quality standards.The products have passed CE, ROHS, CQC and international standard products, and have many patent certificates.

        Now we keep up with the pace of global energy conservation, environmental protection. In the domestic we focus on the solar street light products ofNEWRURALCONSTRUTION, create more emissions reduction, efficient green lighting products.Abroad, our company relies on the professional level and mature technology in the field of LED, and on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, won the favour of the various countries government, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement LED Street Lamp Replacement Program. YETRUN lighting are spreading light all over the world.YETRUN, the source of green life!
        YETRUN ,J&L

        Company Introduction
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